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Healthy Lifestyles Groups

This 12-week focus group is designed to help you lose weight and improve your health without compromising your faith. Become totally fit physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually with guidance and support. You may choose 6 weeks in two segments or the full 12 weeks.

Part 1: Off to a Great Start

Part 2: Going the Distance

Full 12 Week Group

Personal Healthy Lifestyles Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching help as you embark on your journey to total health. This personalized approach is great for those who have trouble sticking to a program.

Personal Healthy Lifestyles Coaching

Health Lifestyles Coach/Group Leader Certification

Do you feel called to help others become healthier from a Christian perspective? This certification allows you to offer guidance and direction to others on their journeys to become totally fit for life! Prerequisite: Successful completion of all 12 weeks of Healthy Lifestyles Group, approval of application, recommendations, salvation testimony, and church membership in good standing. The amount you pay for 12-week Healthy Lifestyles may be applied toward certification price.

Coaches Are you a health, fitness, or wellness pro with Christian faith who longs to walk alongside others toward a totally healthy lifestyle with Jesus Christ at the center? This certification will allow you to lead groups 1 & 2 as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. You must be either certified, degreed, licensed, or registered as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, health or wellness coach, nurse, or other allied health professional. Pre-requisites: participate in Healthy Lifestyles Groups 1&2, Christian faith statement, local church membership, and application acceptance.This certification is not affiliated with an association nor does it count for CEC or CEU credit at this time. *pricing is standardized by Be Totally Fit for Life!

Group Leaders Do you believe God is calling you to become a Healthy Lifestyles Group Leader at your church? Learn how to lead others on their journey to total health with Parts 1 & 2. This certificate will allow you to lead Healthy Lifestyles in your local church without the worry of charging fees. The only cost to participants is Group Participant kits. This certificate does not allow you to do one-on-one coaching nor charge for personal compensation. Prerequisite: complete participation in Healthy Lifestyles Groups 1 & 2.Requirements: be a member of a local church, faith statement, and acceptance of the application. You may request your church to sponsor your fees. Certificate good for 2 years. The renewal rate is $75. Recommended: the church pays for at least two church members to become certified to lead these groups through the church licensing plan. Request more information about this option.