Workshops and Programs

Come along with me! I would love to help you navigate the adventure trails God has for you. I offer workshops and programs to help you discover how to enjoy a richer walk with God, enrich your understanding of the Bible, or become totally fit for God’s greater purpose in your life. Sample workshops include:

  • 4-D Living
  • Living the Disciplined Life
  • The Nuts and Bolts of the Bible
  • Transforming Your Sport/Art to Honor God
  • Healthy Lifestyles: Living the Totally Fit Christian Life
    • Off to a Good Start– Weeks 1-6
    • Finishing Well– Weeks 7-12
    • Group Leader and Coach Training
  • Bible Studies

Sample speaker topics include:

  • Languishing on the Sand? Find Refreshment in Daily Life
  • Help! There’s a Snake in the Gym! Living a No Zen Healthy Lifestyle
  • To Bow or Not to Bow? Solving the Dilemma for Christians in an OM! World
  • Made in His Image Honoring God with Who You Are
  • Making Lemonade Out of Lemons Living Well with Chronic Illness
  • From Grief to Grace-filled Living  Learning to Live on without Your Sweetheart
  • He was Here a Minute Ago! Loving Your Sweetheart with ADD/HD

To schedule a workshop or speaking opportunity in your area, contact me at

Healthy Lifestyles  Program and Coaching

By clicking the link, you will be taken to the Be Totally Fit website, Healthy Lifestyles page.

Healthy Lifestyles,  our unique Christian-based weight loss and health healthy living program, offers a fresh perspective on losing weight, improving one’s health, and finding balance in the midst of your everyday life. It is vital to take care of one’s body as an act of stewardship, to better serve others and God. “I believe Christians should be the healthiest people with the best overall fitness around, yet sadly, that isn’t the case. We have one body to serve God on earth, so it’s important to take care of our bodies an act of stewardship in the greater Body of Christ.” Healthy Lifestyles was developed to help busy Christians build a healthy lifestyle plan they can live within a hectic schedule. This plan helps you learn how to lose weight and keep it off, improve health numbers, feel more energized, maintain healthy eating patterns, and more, using a practical approach.

Reclaim your health without compromising your faith! Healthy Lifestyle groups provide guidance, direction, support and encouragement to you as you learn to see yourself as God sees you. Participants discover how to balance all aspects of a person: emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. Adopt good nutrition practices and a sensible fitness plan,  nurture your Christian faith and relationships in your daily living. We have this one body to honor the Lord and serve Him!

Tools used for this group:  a scale that measures weight, body fat %, lean body mass, hydration, and a tape measure. Healthy Lifestyles groups are led in churches, through Skype, and Facebook groups for discussions. Videos for weekly viewing in your own home will be made available. These focus groups run 12 weeks. Jesus is our focus as we support and encourage each other toward lifestyle change. Initial assessments and weekly weight and measurements are done privately, away from group sessions. Participants are led through this information to guide them as they set realistic goals and are encouraged toward healthy Christian living.

Wondering if Healthy Lifestyles is right for you? See what others have to say about Healthy Lifestyles:

“The Healthy Lifestyles program is invaluable! I have been nourished with God’s word while learning real and practical strategies for healthy diet and exercise. I have been set solidly on the path toward lifelong health.”

Lynn B, Michigan

“A Well thought-out program with a wealth of information. Charlaine is a compassionate leader who speaks from her own experience.”

Suzanne S. Imlay City, MI

“Love the healthy lifestyle mindset Char Martin shares each week.”

TLC Neilsen, Chicago, IL

Register here for Healthy Lifestyles by contacting me at or go to my Yondo webinar page.

Personal Healthy Lifestyles Coaching

You can work through Healthy Lifestyles with me one-on-one. Partner up with a friend for twelve weeks to a healthier you! Contact me at or go to my Yondo webinar page.

Book Your Church’s Group Now

We can do live online or on-site, if your church is within an hour radius of Marlette, MI. Your church can also have group leader training. Contact me for more information

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